Silvy August 9, 2010 at 4:10 pm

Hi Kaneisha!! First of all i would like to say i like your name!! Nice!!and forgive me if i have grammar mistakes, i´m not an english speaker. I get to you surfing the Net. And well.. my boyfriend or ex-boyfriend told me ¨he didn´t know what he wanted..¨then he said¨let´s see what happens¨… then when i asked him if i was still his girlfriend? which are his feelings for me.. if he loved me .. he excused himself saying he had no time to talk and he had to leave to work… I read your post ¨He doesn´t know what he wants¨and ¨How to get your ex back¨…and help me a lot to understand what it may happen to him..I really love my boyfriend and i don´t want to lose him or make something to push him away. Kaneisha, i forgot to tell you that now we have a long distance relationship,but we were together for 9 months before the separation. He is American and i am from Argentina. When i came to my country he was so sweet and was calling regularly.He even told me he wanted to come to my country. Then, he started forgetting to call me and when i was calling him, he only talked to me for 5 or 7 minutes. He always told me he didn´t like to talk on the phone, and i knew this is true ´cause he hardly talked to his mum!I think he also changed ´cause he is around young guys who only wants to hang out and get drunk. I´m not saying he can not hang out but he got to the point to crash his car once. We started to have arguments on the phone and well..we were ok one week and the next one not.Today is my b-day and he wrote me an email …just wishing me a happy b-day and hoping i do something fun with my family. Then, he signed saying ¨take care of yourself¨… I must admit it hurt me that it only was simple email and not a call.My doubt now is if i should reply to his email or not, and if it should be simple as his or i should let him know in some way (indirectly) i still love him…what kind of words should i use??? Thank you for your time and advice!!! help ,please!!! Fondly, Silvy

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