After a long period of feeling alone and bitter, Betsy decided it was time to get on her feet and move forward. Today, she is living with her parents in Florida, working full-time, and going back to school (oh yeah!).

“One of the things I always wanted to do was finish my education,” she says about being a communications major. “I know that I can do it, but I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times that I break down and cry. It is overwhelming and hard. Sometimes I wish there were just someone there to give me a hug.”

Today, her daughter is thriving in kindergarten. “She enjoys running, playing her ukulele, and loves animals.”

And Betsy recently decided to start dating again. “It’s terrifying,” she says. “I feel like I have to tell my whole life story to these guys, to explain why I’m 28 years old and still in college. I’m working on my filter.” (I had no filter for years, so I really get that.)

“I know I’m a strong woman,” Betsy says. (You are!) “My father said that I’m the strongest person he knows. No matter what happens I know if I keep putting one foot in front of the other. I am finally coming into my own. I have a stronger sense of self than I’ve ever had before in my life. I want a partner.”

She recently had a coffee date with a guy she met online. “I vomited my life story to him, explaining that I was a single mom and that my daughter’s father had died. Obviously, I need to work on my filter. At the same time, I think, I’m going to be honest. In my heart I know, if I can’t be honest up front with someone, then maybe he isn’t the one for me. I have no time for games.”

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