Carrie in Sex in the City defined a fuck buddy as a “guy you probably dated once or twice and it did not really go anywhere but the sex is so great you sort of keep him on call.” I never actually date my fuck buddies and have a rule of never dating them. Fuck buddies promise and usually deliver loads of fun!

That is if you follow the fuck buddy etiquette rules:

Rule No 1: Set some ground rules To avoid anyone getting hurt, be honest about what the arrangement is…sex is just sex. If both partners know what is involved and where it is going… (to the bedroom) it will ensure no one gets hurt. Set some ground rules! Emotions just complicate things……

Rule No 2: Strictly Sex Fuck buddies are all about no frills and no commitment sex. Remember...they are your buddies who you only fuck. You should only use text messages to communicate with them. They can never meet your friends. You should never go on dates with them and they should never stay over. Keep it strictly sex and only use non verbal communication (Props and sex toys can aid communication). You should not invest time and emotion in this type of relationship. You should not really know too much about the fuck buddy, apart from whether he wears briefs or boxers.

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