I don’t think a person who reacts to extreme emotional betrayal in an extreme way should be labled as having a “violent streak”. Nor do I believe it has anything to do with what kind of parent Elin is. Until you have been in someone else’s shoes you have no idea what you would be capable of.

When I found my husband and best friend having an affair I hit her. In the moment it was like someone else was doing it and I have never hit someone before or after that day. I am not a violent person but I reacted to an extreme situation and the immense betrayal of the two people closest to me. Not many people will ever know what that feels like.

What my then husband did, I think, should reflect more on HIS parenting than my reaction should on mine since he was the one who acted recklessly and selfishly, and like Tiger, with NO regard for the consequences to his family.

Hitting the woman who plotted and used me to engratiate herslef with and seduce my husband to advance her social status has nothing to do with the kind of mother I am. I also believe my reaction is actually a NORMAL response to their morally bankrupt behavior that has become so acceptable by society today.


Twitter: honeyandlance says: December 28, 2009 at 9:58 am I still fantasize about hitting the girl I found Jake with in July, and they didn’t even kiss. I also don’t think it’s necessarily reflective of a person as a whole – I don’t go around hitting people, either (much to my regret, I didn’t even hit that girl).

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