HI Kaneisha. I found your blog about 4 months ago when my breakup was still fresh and my heart was still very much wounded. My breakup was a lot more cruel than yours and he, the ex, was not so diplomatic with his departure because he was in a hurry end “us” and start afresh with the new love that he met while he was with me. In any case, as I read your list of things you were grieving it felt like I was reading a list from my own heart. I know exactly what you are going through. I don’t envy you at all but 8 months out of that bad break up I can tell you that things do get a lot better. You are doing the right thing by taking the time to grieve, blog about it, talk about it and heal. Its not easy. You will have your days where you feel great then you will have your moments where your mascara will stain your cheeks (if you wear any) as you can’t stop balling your eyes out. I remember walking through the mall to my car on my lunch hour crying so hard that the men in the bait and tackle store that I cut through stopped and looked at me with a mix of concern and helplessness. I cried so hard in my car that I nearly threw up the little bit of lunch I was able to put down. I’m glad you have a grandma you can talk to and share things with. It helps. My family really rallied around me and helped me on days where my grief was overwelming me. Be well and email me if you want to talk about it.


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