This guys viewpoint is wonderful but isn’t he a rarity?


Nai`a December 23, 2011 at 6:12 pm No, not in my experience! After a wonderful marriage with a 12-yr. younger husband, I stayed out of relationships for way too long. Now, my two lovers are eight and 14 yrs. younger and Iʻm loving it! As Iʻm 66, they are no youngsters, so any qualms I might have about my aging self also apply to them. Yes, they might notice my sags, but, guess what? Theyʻve got sags, too! I recently went out with a guy my age and it felt like I was with my gramps. I need someone a good deal younger if he is to have any chance of keeping up with me, so, I keep myself slim and healthy and have lots of young friends. Age is not a barrier.

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