Hi Tina,

Sounds like you have a real man after you! Let him come to you and don’t worry about it! You’re doing great!

Love, Cherry

Once again, Cherry – you offer such great wisdom to handle difficult situations graciously. Thanks so much! Blessings & Joy, Renee

Another great one, Cherry! Thank you! I’ve been lucky so far in dating men who have been generous and protective – and now I’ll know what to do if this arises.

I think that if the man invites you and cannot afford to pay for just coffee, it is a message. Run like hell! I dated a man that paid for our first date dinner and then told me that I had to pay for the play, which I did. This was not an arrangement we made in advance. At the time I heard myself say, this is a message, run, and I did not. I did not even protest, even thought I did not really feel that it was my place to pay. I was a coward then. Now I would do things differently. I want to know in advance so that it is my choice to do so or not, or to even accept the date or dot. I know that times are hard right now and some men cannot afford to date. I know one such man and he does not date until he can afford to do so. I am willing to reciprocate in the future, but if the date starts out this way, I prefer the option of declining the first date. Thank you, Cherry, for all the great info you give us. Merry Christmas!

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