In case it's not obvious, these are just the guidelines I use for myself. The guidelines are not meant to be prescriptive. I do believe I've ignored every single one--how do you think I developed them?

To wit: I have not answered perfectly nice messages from inoffensive fellows. I've spent excessive amounts of time emailing and IMing with guys who I've never met (and some who I did). I've given out my home number. I've not given my number at all and called him first. I've spent excessive amounts of time on the phone at all hours of the night. I don't think I've ever had an internet guy pick me up at my house, but I have been dropped home. I have neglected to tell anyone I was going on a date with a stranger. I have gotten in the stranger's car. I have had nothing to drink and I've had too much to drink. I've told old boyfriend stories (ad nauseum). Two hours? You've got to be kidding. Even my bad dates seem to last for at least four. I've gone to the movies on the first date. I've not gone to the movies on the second date. I've only ever had more than two dates with one internet guy (that was Jake).

Despite good reasons for each guideline, there are some I will continue to ignore, bend or break. Anyone want to add something? What did I miss?

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