So we made our exit and got over to the movie theater. And wouldn’t you know, he was still remembering that check I’d just picked up? I still do not understand why. He picked up the bill the last time we were out alone and claimed it was because he had no cash and needed to put it on a card. “You get it next time.” he told me. So this was next time, and I picked it up. Apparently I missed the part where he didn’t mean it? Anyway, so I’m not paying attention and he’s operating the ticket machine. You all can see where this is going. He turns around with his ticket and hands me mine. He had “gotten me back” for dinner.

We had fun in the movie as we always do. He is just the right amount of silent with sarcastic commentary for me. The perfect movie watching combo for maximum enjoyment. (This is more important than one might think. But that is for another post.) As always, there was playful arm touching, leaning, and all kinds of other signals that I would read as serious signs from anyone else but just confuse me when it comes to The Friend.

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