Cherry, thanks for your great and easy videos (helps not to take things too seriously!). A handsome and wonderful man 21 years my junior joined our office as an intern. There was immediate attraction on my part and flirting on his. We have been doing a relationship 'dance' for almost five months (with me feeling very self conscious of my age). When I got tired of the games thinking he wasn't interested I let go and stopped started creating distance – which meant waving instead of standing my his desk to chat. He then asked me to review his CV, thanked me profusely for my advice and took me out to a great lunch (he only receives a stipend and talks about how he needs to make money soon). Anyway, I got a great new job (that I was least expecting) and he was the one I first told the good news after our lunch. He called for a coffee in the office kitchen to congratulate me. I mentioned (I shouldn't have) that I might make a huge salary – stated a figure and he raised his eyebrows in suprise. Later, he asked if I could look at a job application letter. That was last week. He did not send the letter and today he greeted me cooly – barely saying anything. It was the driest interaction we have ever had. Looks like my job killed any potential for a relationship. Anyway, am feeling fed up of the whole thing but also feeling badly cause I really liked him and know he liked me. What should I do? regards, Bity

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