norway men

Hello Cherry and All – love your videos and energy.

For me, I'd let this guy go and become very busy (in reality dating others.) He knows you're available to him already so there is no way to prove it more. He is getting more from the relationship than you are. If he senses you want a relationship and he can't offer one – that's his problem and move on. You don't have to "understand" his situation or anything else. Just, he's not there for you in a way you would need and is using you (innocently or not) for time and attention. He's a time waster and keeping you emotionally engaged. For all we know, he could be doing this to ten other women? Really, fight for your needs by honoring them and stop taking his calls and date to find a better man. If he is to come around, he will. If he doesn't you've lost nothing.

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