benutzerfreundlich Casino Wissen

Thank you thank you thank you. I seriously needed a better way to letting someone go than "you're really nice but I am not interested." Keep the good tips coming!!

Did the garnishment come on your shirt or did you add it? If so how?

It came with the shirt, Candid :)

Love the flower tip. So easy and beautiful. Thanks, Cherry!

Oh my goodness thank you. This is right on time. There is a single man that I work with that has been pursuing me for over a year. I went out with him once. He has been constantly asking me to go out over the past month. I am tired of dodging him. I have got to use this sound advice when I speak with him. I really think he's great, but just not for me. Thank you Cherry for always sharing wonderful relationship advice. GOD Bless you!

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